Where We Operate

FTF cultivates economic development programs for Mayan Indians living in the mountains of Northwestern Guatemala. FTF is staffed by a volunteer board in the United States and has experienced program managers and native field workers in Guatemala. 

Western Highlands of Guatemala


Family-To-Family operates in the Western Highlands of Guatemala in Central America. (see red push pin). The Highlands are part of the Sierra Madre mountains which are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where volcanoes and earthquakes are common. 

Specific Regions


Family-to-Family assistance is centered around the community of Santa Caterina Ixtahuacan which is located in northwest portion of the Solola Department of the Guatemalan Western Highlands. The Pan American Highway passes through the Family-to-Family support area which is about 80 miles northwest of Guatemala City (north of Lake Atitlan). This rugged area of the Guatemalan Western Highlands within the Sierra Madre Mountains is dotted with volcanoes.