Family-To-Family Programs

FTF programs offer donors several ways to help the poor in Guatemala.  One way involves monthly sponsorship of a) specific family or b) individuals who are elderly, abandoned or handicapped.  Other (more community related) ways channel donor assistance to (a) self- help, training and education programs, or to (b) health care, housing, and emergency programs.

Program Types

Sponsorship: The two programs in this category focus on helping a specific family to either provide self-supportive skills or various forms of assistance

  • Family Sponsorship This program is a $40/month contribution. The sponsorship supports a selected family's skills training programs for up to three years to improve income earning potential, improved housing and essential needs such as food, clothing and medicine. 
  •  Family Assistance This program is a $15/month contribution. It provides food/housing/medical support to a disabled or elderly person.

Self-help, Training & Community: This is a collection of programs that fall under the following category:

  • Training courses/supplies so groups of families can benefit without enrolling in 3-yr sponsorship program.  e.g. entrepreneurial programs such raising crops, fruit tree or coffee production, reforestation, or raising/breeding animals (cows, pigs, chickens).  
  • Community projects to improve food/water supply, roads, local environment, education.  
  • Educational support to help families with tuition, books, breakfast programs, school supplies, etc. 

Health Care, Housing & Emergency: The programs in this category focus on providing physical aid in the form of medicine, housing and disaster relief.

  • Medicines & drugs for clinics, medical equipment, major program support (e.g., cataract surgery medical teams)
  • Housing for families on FTF program and others in desperate need, e.g., storm refugees.  These funds are used for the construction of latrines and stoves, building materials, and household items (e.g., bed, cupboard)
  • Emergency food, supplies &  housing for families/communities in urgent need, victims of natural disasters, etc.